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Ennuiternia - Page 2

It's a big pic -- wait for it...

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Check this band out! Love 'em -- so stoner rockie black sabbathy goodness!

Jus' talking about me...we can dig it

Some Rasputin Studies

I know, I know, very "Anastasia".  I love rasputin, though. He's awesome.

(click the pic for large view)
I can't be the only one who is tittering over this...

Star-Brain the Funk Galactic Hero

Yes. Star-Brain the Funk Galactic Hero, with Finger-Funk Gun.  2 in the pink and one in the stink.

Downwardly Mobile Preview #1

Here is the title logo for a pen, paper and paper mini game I've been working on.  It's like a combination of Space Hulk, Dungeons and Dragons, and Weekend at Bernie's

Yes, I said Weekend at Bernie's.  Imagine, if you will, if the Eighties' obsession with climbing the corporate ladder (and various other cultural artifacts) didn't lead into the grunge age.  Imagine that it kept up into the year 3k, during man's space age, when we colonize the stars.  Scary?  Perhaps.  Funny, probably.

Here's the intro paragraph:

The year: 3000.

The Place: Earth++ (a copy-paste earth now orbiting an average sized star) .  Every human (and some upwardly mobile aliens) pushes paper for one of six mega-companies that are not only the main sources of all trade and goods, but also govern the entire solar system.  Get blacklisted by one of them, find yourself a pariah, an untouchable, an “unemployed”, doomed to eat garbage in the middle section.

Years of building have put the majority of people working and living 2 miles above the surface of the planet in giant spacescrapers.  Unfortunately, people are sent down routinely to retrieve items from the dimly-lit ground levels of the buildings.  It's a hazardous life, but until you get seniority, you gotta’ risk your life for the higher-ups.

In case you wanted a closer look at Francois, the little dude on the stairs.


Stone of Folly Screen Shot!
www.stoneoffolly.com ... gaming, art, comix, voila!

I'll still be posting here, but I've hated how confining the styling options of LJ are for a while now...  please, visit my new site and drop me a line or two!


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